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I have been "conditionally accepted" into the Douglas College Animal Health Technologist (vet tech) program! Conditionally means I have to get a clear health check (physical and mental, tragically), make sure my immunizations are up to date, and put down some money.

I went for my blood tests yesterday, and will try to get my TB test and sight test done tomorrow. I just worry that the college will take one look at my mental health history and say that I'm unfit for the program, and this will be nearly a year wasted.

The application process just to get to this point was gruelling - first to get into the college itself, and then the program- tons of reference letters, work experience, school transcripts, paperwork to fill out... then after that, an interview with six of the program instructors, and now a full medical work-up that wasn't cheap either... all of it very time consuming and exhausting. I think this is the end of the process though, so either after all this I'll be in, or I'll be out. Then I can worry about how in the world I'll get it all paid for.

So, within the space of a week, I had/have appointments for doctor's exams, blood tests, other tests, psychiatrist, and potential funding help. This part of the application has to be mailed in by Friday at the latest.

In other news - still taking guitar lessons and am getting way better at reading actual notes instead of tabs, and improving at finger-picking and bar chords too. Still doing a bit of work for my mom, and finally going through all my boxes in the basement that haven't been touched in two or more years. It feels good to get that under control since I just had so much stuff. Most of it I've thrown out, recycled, or donated, and the rest is getting organized.

On a local group for swapping, I found a lady the same size as me wanting to sell her old clothes - she gave them all to me for $20! It was nearly two garbage bags worth of stuff, most of which fits! Now I have several new work blouses, a couple sweaters, a few tank tops, a few pairs of pants, and a couple pairs of capris. It's so great! I haven't had new clothes in such a long time that it's a major jackpot getting almost a whole new wardrobe all at once!

I'm doing volunteer work on Tuesdays now at a local miniature horse rescue which is a lot of fun. Those tiny horses are adorable - you can check them out at pipsqueakpaddocks.com. A foal was born just a couple weeks ago there - a miniature horse foal! She is so incredibly small! I'm still doing Fridays at the cat shelter as well.

Oh, and I'm learning Chemistry 12 since I found my old text/workbook that I never finished due to my grade twelve depression flare-up. It's never too late to finish what you started.

Quick update

Quick update:
I have been working for months on my application for Douglas College's Animal Health Technologist program. There was a lot of paperwork, reference letters, volunteer work... it was crazy. I got the application complete and submitted, and I made the short-list. Now I'm waiting for my interview, which should be in the first week of April. Here is me doing my work experience at a vet clinic:

That's the main news story in my life. I'm still doing a little part-time work here and there for my mom, still volunteering each week at the cat shelter. I've been taking on the giant task of going through all my things that have been sitting in boxes for years. It's crazy finding stuff from so long ago. I'm taking weekly guitar lessons at the music academy, and am really learning a lot there. Oh yes, and I still love my dog and my best friend more than anything <3

Hope all of you are well!

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